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in illinois, shows romney on top with 37. santorum at 31. gingrich, way down there at 14, and paul at 8. let me go to you, john heilemann. is this a chance for greatness for santorum to win a big state? >> certainly a chance for greatness, chris. the state of illinois hasn't had a competitive primary in decades on the republican presidential side. it is very much a state geographically divided between the north and south. you have republican, suburban republican counties around chicago and suburbs that are pretty moderate, should be romney country. then down state illinois, very conservative, much more like the south than like anything around chicago, and that's good hunting ground for santorum. gingrich has more or less abandoned the field there, headed down -- made a quick stop there yesterday or today, is headed now to camp out in louisiana. that 14% that gingrich has may erode considerably, may erode to santorum's advantage. it would be a huge win for santorum if he could pick up illinois after coming in so close in michigan and ohio, winning in the industrial midwest. it would be a big
status in the republican face as a conservative alternative to mitt romney. newt gingri newt gingrich previously staked his campaign on that, says he'll take it all the way to the august convention in tampa. >> we will continue to run a people's campaign. i believe after the two primaries are over, it will be obvious, that the so-called front runner didn't get there and from that point on we'll be in an all new situation. >> and joining us columnist dan ettinger and mary anastasia o'grady. and what do you think of newt gingrich, looks like even he does not believe he can get enough delegations during the primary. >> no, it's absolutely bizarre that he's insisting that he's a viable candidate. he's not doing well anywhere, but i think that he may have, be hanging on for three reasons. one, i think he doesn't think that santorum can get the nomination. >> right. >> and secondly, and he's not at that far behind in the the popular vote from santorum, and secondly, he doesn't think that romney, because romney hasn't been able to overwelcome anybody in any one of the states, is accepted by
pick romney. would gingrich disappearing help santorum or help neither of them. romney pulls ahead in illinois. that pertained not to him but the economy which he improving. gingrich, i got ideas. big ideas. ideas that pay off. >> everywhere we went yesterday people said, you have to stay in the race. you have to talk about big solutions like $2.50 gasoline. >> just charge it to your credit line to tiffany's. promising $2.50 gasoline. >> the next time you hear a politician promising to bring down oil prices, understand it's b.s. >> last night on fox. >> i like alternative energy. i would rather have alternative president. >> good line. >> so for your protection. this morning on fox. >> he keeps on talking about alternative energy. the real thing we need is an alternative president. >> they say you would be stunned if you knew what the government thinks the patriot act let's it do. senators wyden and you udall simmer down under section 215. total recall, the g.o.p. loses it's majority in the wisconsin state senate as one of the targets resigns. and the republican war on women escala
.s. policies are on edge again. >> this is the end of the rope again. gwen: mitt romney is ready to claim the nomination. >> some who are conservative may not be in my corner. gwen: he has to shake off santorum first. >> we did it again. gwen: as gas prices soar, the president takes aim at republicans on energy policy. >> when some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they must have been members of the flat earth society and would not have believed that the world was round. gwen: covering the week in policy and politics, martha raddatz and alexis simendinger and karen tumulty. >> award winning annual is, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. corporate funding is provided by -- >> since 1875, we have been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. from insurance to investment management to real estate and retirement solutions, we developed new ideas for the financial challenges ahead. this rock has never stood still. and that's one thing that will
primaries, and all eyes on mitt romney and rick santorum, as they battle for puerto rico and illinois. races that add even more volatility to the tumultuous republican race for the white house. >>> one year into the syrian uprising, some of the most disturbing images yet as the government's slaughter of its own people escalates. >>> plus, the ultimate resignation letter, a goldman sachs executive airs the company's dirtiest laundry in a "new york times" opinion piece calling his former employer togsic atogs toxic and destructive. wolf blitzer is off. i'm candy crowley. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world with. you're in "the situation room." puerto rico isn't often a hotbed of american politics but certainly is right now sunday's republican presidential primary looming. 20 delegates are up for grabs and as mitt romney and rick santorum will be the first to tell you, every one of those delegateses koubt es counts. jim acosta is watching it unfold for us in san juan. you had the opportunity to see both of these candidates, jim. >> reporter: that's right, candy, and it's goi
media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable it just collapsed. >> if i am a weak front runner, what does that make newt gingrich? >> if you give it these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle-class again. >> is there really a war on women? >> we women have a serious problem with the republican party. >> the massacre in afghanistan. and the new hbo movie "game change." >> i never want to deal with that woman again. >> how true enough to live? >> true enough to make me squirm. >> do you know what the fed is? captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> on super tuesday it, mitt romney inched by rick santorum in ohio, a must-win state in the general election. why oh why did he ever leave ohio? ricmitt romney did windy awlaki : this is an american -- win the awlaki : this is an american samoa. >> in both states, conservative candidates th about 50% of the vote, and if you are the front runner and you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >> by the way, last night i got more delegates than any
's couldn't s contraceptive mandates. >> what questions that the romney people want me to get out and washington establishment wants me to get out. i don't care. >> despite the need to win big in the the south. newt gingrich fails to take first place and calls ring loud for the former speak her to end his campaign. are those calls coming from his party or the press. >> when i become the nominee. >> mitt romney continues his quest to be the g.o.p. nominee, but are the media doing all they can to block his campaign? >> and you know, we're just, we're calling them and that's what i do. call them like i see them. >> rick santorum takes a shot at fox news, claiming favored treatment towards one of his competitors, really? a u.s. soldier accuse $of a grizz gris grisly crime igniting that region and how has the press handled this sensitive story. and the president has an action packed week of fun and games. how did his administration do during a week of transparency? >> on the panel this week, viter and fox news contributor, judy miller. jim pinkerton, contributing editor the american co
by and large. we're just going to win this with people. >> mitt romney was also in illinois friday before heading to puerto rico for tomorrow's primary there. romney focused on the economy and took direct aim at president obama. >> this all collectively i'll call the economy and on that issue, this president's a light weight. it's not because he's not smart. it's because he never worked in the free economy. he's never had a job in the free economy. it's hard to create a job if you've never had one. >> and here's something you don't see every day. there's newt gingrich petting an elephant. he visited a new orleans zoo on friday. louisiana's gop primary is march 24th. >>> joining me now, national political reporter for politico james helman and for "the washington post," felicia sonmez. james, i'll begin with you. the latest poll out of illinois, romney is leading with 37%, then santorum has 31% and then gingrich and paul. if romney wins, is this over? >> no, sadly it's not. >> i keep asking that before every primary. >> we'll ask it next saturday before wisconsin on the following tuesday.
deal between romney an ron paul. it would include paul announcing his support for romney in exchange for a promise or rand paul as romney's vp nominee. with the race as close as it is, it could put romney over the top. yesterday, romney denied that he entered in talks with paul's campaign. here with more with these rumors is rand paul. senator, thanks for being with us. >> good evening. >> senator, as you know a lot of speck station -- speculation about this. "time magazine" in a story where they had a top campaign aide one of the things he would want eventually to to go with romney would possibly be the vice presidency. speculation points right at you. let me ask, do you have any interest in being romney's number two should he be the nominee? >> i think what is funny about it. i think the deal must be so secret that no one has told me about the deal yet. [ laughter ] >> they need to let me in on this. i don't know about it. no, i think they have been friendly throughout the campaign. a lot of this has been more strategy that people haven't figured out. romney has a solid block of vo
. >> mitt romney slips up and tells the truth to republicans. rick santorum is campaigning against porn. howard fineman has the latest on the republican circus. >>> major news out of wisconsin. democrats score a major victory, john nichols of "the nation" has the latest. >>> good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching. >>> in february, president obama announced a compromise on contraception and women's health care, he stood his ground and righties aren't going to like it. atowarding to the new rule from the department of health and human services, religious universities will not have to offer contraception directly, but both students and employees of those institutions will be able to get birth control from insurance companies without a co-pay. hhs is also considering three options to implement the resident's birth control for no co-pay policy with religiously affiliated self-insured employers. third party administrators would provide contraception in cases where employers act as insurers. the department wants feedback from the public on those ideas. the college student
rico where nit romney is rallying voters today. it's the second day on the island ahead of the primary there. >> on sunday, please go vote and get your friends to vote. together we'll make sure that we keep america the strongest nation and the earth, the world. romney the lead there with 37% and santorum is second with 31 followed by gingrich and paul, and the illinois primaries tuesday and newt gingrich taking a campaign detour to a zoo in louisiana where gingrich got up close and personal there with one of the elephants. louisiana's primary is march 24th. joining me now national political reporter for "the washington post" amy gardner and msnbc contributor perry bacon, jr. hello to the both of you. nice to see you. >> you, too, alex. >> santorum claims momentum with recent wins in alabama and mississippi while romney claims the lead in the delegate count overall. do you think it can translate to the number of delegates that he needs to challenge romney in tampa? >> i mean, probably not. it seems like it's less of a race about momentum and more about geography and demographics. in a s
in the state. mitt romney is in puerto rico ahead of tomorrow's primary there. ron paul and gingrich are not on the trail. the latest fox news poll shows romney is leading the g.o.p. pack with 38%. santorum close behind at 32%. gingrich and paul trailing further behind. >> gregg: newt gingrich is trailing both romney and santorum and national polls and delegate count but he is showing no signs of quitting. with only two wins, some of his rivals are asking why he is staying in the race. jamie good to see you. his competitors have derided him as grandiose and gingrich embraces calling himself as a transformational figure but is it increasingly evidence that voters don't share that view of gingrich and if so, why? >> we learned last week after mississippi and alabama that there be no colonize go the moon. if gingrich can't win in his own backyard, southern alabama and mississippi, it's hard to see where he can win. he does see himself in historic terms, almost a winston churchill figure but history has rendered his verdict. he will not be president of united states and time to give repu
hoy en el "noticiero telemundo," romney en la mira en puerto rico el aspirante responde por quÉ critica a la jueza sotomayor, prestenos dinero. el moto taxista mÁs buscado en mÉxico. indigna naciÓn en la cancha. volver, volver, volver dicen que cada vez son mÁs los jÓvenes adultos que estÁn tocandole a la puerta a sus padres. la ediciÓn viernes del "noticiero telemundo." comienza ya. >>> "noticiero telemundo," con josÉ dÍaz balart. >>> hola quÉ tal muy buenas tardes, comenzamos en mÉxico. en donde el enemigo nÚmero 1 el narcotraficante joaquÍn el "chapo" guzmÁn es visto por algunos como algÚn ben sfefacto del pueblo y le hacen pedido de dinero, raÚl torres tiene el reporte. >>> como si fooi uera un modern robi hospital ro robi j ro ro ro robi hood. asÍ ven al capital de las drogas, joaquÍn el chapo guzmÁn, se manifestaron porque el gobierno les exigen motocicle motocicletas, en una carta le piden 70 mil pesos unos 5 mil dÓlares para cada uno, aseguran que el gobierno del estado los persigue mÁs a ellos que al propio narcotraficante. sin embargo, segÚn este
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continue in the green room. rumors are running rampant rampant between romney and ron paul. i'll ask about the reports when he joins me next. c.i.a. operative that went undercover in the revolutionary guard. his message is one that you don't want to miss. stay with us. trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. time out. sweet. [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft, you can get that cushiony feeling while still using less. designed with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent and you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer. i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin
of mitt romney's mormon faith on the 2012 election. >> on news makers this week, va's attorney general discussing the importance of the 2012 presidential race. >> is president and his administration are the biggest lawbreaker's to run the federal government in our lifetime. they are suffocating economic opportunity the way they are functioning. i do not think any of the nominees of are going to do anything but reversed that. the rules of the law and the constitution. >> you can see the entire interview of of the virginia attorney general on newsmakers sunday morning at 10:00 eastern and sunday afternoon at 6:00 on c-span. it is also available online at c-span.org. >> i was quite radical as a young person. we shall overcome was not a very effective way of gaining rights. i thought that more confrontation was needed. >> economics professor, columnist, and substitute host are rush limbaugh walter williams on being a radical. >> a radical is any person who seeks individual freedom and limited government. that makes you a radical. i have always been a person who believes that people should
and romney. they are bankrupt. if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> so bob, is it fair for vice president biden to accuse the conservatives of bankrupting america when knows well president obama has already done that. >> first of all, president obama hasn't. yes, he does his campaign. have i told you this is a presidential race and by the way, the green, is that a green pen. in that is really good. they are out campaigning early. why? because they are in some trouble. they have low poll ratings, we understand that. but the good news for us is we get to campaign against biden or -- i mean against mitt romney who will be the nominee and the other two will go -- >> that is pretty gutsy so say romney, santorum and a gingrich will bankrupt obama. under president obama there has been $5 trillion added to the debt. aren't we already bankrupt. >> that is the problem. maybe he just woke up and realized this. where is the solutions. he is still blaming the last administration. refusing to drill which is what he shou
math. mitt romney is leading with 498. rick santorum, 239. newt gingrich, you see, has 139. and ron paul trailing far behind with 69 delegates. romney is in puerto rico this hour before tomorrow's primary. he's saying he will be willing to help the island get stated if they wanted it and, of course, he talked about both english and spanish there. a topic which landed rick santorum in some hot water earlier. >> i think selecting the words of your governor, spanish is the language of puerto rico's heritage. i would thing young people would learn both languages, but particularly english. >> rachel has all the details for us from puerto rico. >> reporter: hi, randi. we're outside a market in puerto rico where mitt romney is going to speak to voters. the voters cannot vote in the general election, however, the candidates, both mitt romney and rick santorum, have spent a lot of time here, campaigning, terming out enthusiastic audiences. there's also a large hispanic population here clearly and population is going to have a lot to say in the november election. so while mitt romney and rick
a nonbinding primary. they are holding caucaus to help determine the delegates and romney is in puerto rico ahead of the primary tomorrow. newt gingrich and ron paul are taking a day off from the campaign trail. romney leads the would-be presidential pack with 38 percent . santorum at 32 percent followed by newt gingrich and paul. >> lookk, we are not going to a brokered convention . no. one or the other of the three or four will get the delegates necessary to be the nominee. as it gets closer to the end. we have somebody in the strong lead and state that is remain will vote for that person and that person will get the delegates and become the nominee. >> political observers don't agree with governor romney. with no break away front runner. they are contemplate what a brokered convention may look like. former presidential candidate and fox news host governor mike huckabee is joining us for thoitos this. thanks for being here, gov goch. >> thank you, uma. i can tell you what it would look like. if you have seen a train wreck that's what it will look like it is a disaster for the republican p
up as many delegates as possible in hopes of gathering enough support to surpass romney as the current front-runner and ultimately as his party's nominee. >> rick: the weather now in two days heavy rain causing damage to the historic boardwalk in santa cruz, california. the san lorenzo river is overflowing washing away beach threatening businesses including amusement park. crews were shoveling sand and dirt to build a sand wall to keep the water at bay. meteorologist maria molina with more on that. >>> unfortunately, we are getting hit with bad weather out west, rain that you just saw in those images and flooding. aside from the rain heavy snow gusty winds and cold temperatures completely different to what the eastern 2/3 of the country has been dealing with. we've been looking at temperatures well above average, a lot of sun including us here in new york city even for everybody out therewrf celebrating st. patrick's day. >> that storm system right now still bringing in heavy rain across parts of southern california into portions of the fresno area where we did get repor
romney's money. his super pack, restore our future has raised nearly $37 million. as you can see. while his campaign has raised about $63 million, just under that directly. what's not taken into account for yet for either romney or whoever may be the g.o.p. presidential nominee is the money that's been raised by the republican national committee which becomes available in the general election. and then there's also money from superpacs like karl rove's american crossroads, there are huge amounts of money being thrown around. believe me, you'll be seeing the political ads in the coming days and months if you haven't already. joining us in "the war room" to discuss a lot of things, a lot of it politics and what's going on in the massive media buying all of the money is able to procure is phil bronstein, the former editor of the "san francisco chronicle." he's part of the center for investigative reporting. >> thank you for having me back. i want to play with that screen. >> you want to get over there. i know. >> a bil
that americans are going to support at this point. >> the campaign, david, where does it stand mitt romney we thought he had a shot in mississippi and alabama rick san torricksantorum one. newt begi gingrich is still in e race where are are we. from one qa quagmire to another. we are nearly halfway done the campaign. it will go on. i don't think that romney is not going to get the nomination. i think he will get the nomination. if you look at the delegate mass. he is way ahead. and he is likely to stay ahead. will he get enough delegates to clear the nomination. i think he will be close. i say that because what has happened in campaign after campaign or state after state is purely the battle of demographics. up-scale voters and middle scale voters going for romney. and down scale and rural voters go for sanatorium. henry olsen points out every place where there is a major league baseball park romney carries that place. every place ther there is a a mr league team sa santorum carries that place. if you look at the other states california and illinois there are more romney people. you would exp
, not just spanish speaking. >> reporter: mitt romney wraps up two days of campaigning in puerto rico. earlier this year, romney said he supported english as the country's official language. what is what he said friday in puerto rico. >> i will support the people of puerto rico if they make a decision they would prefer to become a state, it's an effort i support. i don't have preconditions i impose. >> reporter: both candidates as well as newt gingrich are making rounds in illinois. 66 delegates are up for grabs. following santorum in alabama and mississippi, romney really needs to win illinois. randi? >> thank you, paul. president obama's re-election campaign is 5 million dlarls richer today. he got a star-studded welcome with fund raising stops in chicago. tyler perry held a dinner at his house. among the guests, oprah winfrey. >> in everything that i have imagined, i never thought -- there would be a day when the presidential motorcade would come through southwest atlanta. [ cheers and applause ] >> giving all of these little boys and little girls a glimpse of what destiny looks li
the republicans on by name. >> mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich, these guys have a different economically philosophy than we do. it is kind of amazing, gingrich, romney and santorum, they don't let the facts get in their way. gwen: joe biden doesn't use the names which barack obama doesn't use the names. have the democrats decided they can't sit on the sidelines anymore? >> the morning after super tuesday, the chicago campaign was talking about the things that were stressing them out the most. this was still going on so long and romney is eventually going to be the nominee and too long for them to stand and wait for the nominee to show up. they started talking about dispatching joe biden to be the ambassador to the middle class, that wasn't the phrase they used but that was their idea. gwen: interesting they would need an ambassador to the middle class. >> but joe biden from scranton, pennsylvania. the president is spending the entire day and will not be back in washington until the morning after he has departed, two cities, five events, money, money, money and concerned abou
. -- and cashiers. visit our web site wbaltv.com code for more information. mitt romney is stumping in puerto rico. rick santorum stirred controversy about comments over english being the primary language in the nation. peter alexander has an update. >> people here cannot vote in americas a general election but they will have a say in selecting the republican nominee. romney with voters. last night, he was here for a rally that was more of a carnival than it was a political event. a long list of speakers, almost all the speaking in spanish. there was music, dancing, energy and passion. romney told the people you respect them and cares for them as americans. his arrival rick santorum who is in missouri caused controversy before you left the island earlier in the week. he said if puerto rico was to become the 51st state in america, that english become the primary language. that upset some of his supporters as well as some of the voters here. he tried to backpedal and do damage control, saying english would be a preferred language but not the official language. we understand that the people of differ
presidenciacial republicano mitt romney, jo que no hay que oquigar a puerto rico a que hable inglÉs, si quieren ser el estado 51 de la uniÓn a lo contrario que dijo santorum, desde washington lourdes con declaraciones de mitt romney en la isla, y reacones que provocaron. >>> mitt romney llegÓ hoy a puerto rico para dos dÍas de campaÑa, en busca de 23 delegados en juego en la primaria del domingo, se distanciÓ de su principal rival. >>> apoyare al pueblo de puerto rico si quiere ser estado, no impondrÉ precondicion. el inglÉs es un idioma oficial de puerto rico hace cien aÑos, y dijo que el espaÑol es el idioma de la herencia nacional, el inglÉs el idioma de las oportunidades, citando al gobernador fortuÑo, el tea party lo fustigÓ por estas palabras, santorum creÓ una intensa polemica, al decir que el inglÉs debe ser el idioma principal, si erto rico quiere ser el estado nÚmero 51. >>> resrecpo a tradiciones es sumamente importante. >>> hay una realidad evangÉlica en puerto rico muy fuerte. >>> se movilizarone contra mitt romney, miriam velÁsquez dijo que respaldÓ a sotomayor a
romney's stint in the windy city he jetted off to puerto rico where the primary is sunday. >> i want to use the experience i've had in the business world to help create more jobs, to bring good jobs to port rick oath. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall -- port rick open. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall dell -- puerto rico. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall delegate count. >> i still think we have a chance of winning illinois even though we're being outspent. >> reporter: analysts say santorum trails romney by at least nine points in illinois, but the race is much closer when voters are asked about a race without newt gingrich. the former house speaker is focusing on louisiana where the vote is next weekend. >> when i look at the gulf, i see energy, i see tourism and i see seafood. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul is also battling for his share of delegates. >> the vote in illinois is tuesday. if i was to stop in atlanta this evening, president obama is also headlining five fundraisers. >>> it was a southern primary sweep for gop hopeful rick santorum
. >>> rick santorum and mitt romney will both tour the midwest today. santorum is visiting missouri and illinois. missouri republicans are holding caucuses today, but no winner will be chosen like we've seen in other contests. it basically begins the long process of selecting delegates. next up, puerto rico which will hold its primaries. romney has a slight edge according to recent polls. >>> president obama kicked off a jam packed day of fund-raising in his hometown of chicago before heading to an event in atlanta hosted by tyler perry. the blitz raised nearly $5 million. mr. obama took a swipe at his proposal's proposal. >> our story has never been about what we can do alone. it's what we do together. we don't win the race for new jobs and middle class security and new businesses with the same old, you're on your own. i'm telling you, it does not work. it did not work in the decade before the great depression. it did not work in the decade before i took office, it won't work now. >>> march madness is in full swing and cinderella is smiling this morning as three teams pulled off im
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